Trees and Moles

The Scriptures are rich with images from nature:

“Go to the ant…”
“As the deer pants…”
“Consider the lilies…”
“My sheep hear my voice…”

It’s no surprise that kings and psalmists and the Lord Jesus himself find abundant metaphor and simile in the Earth’s wonderfully diverse flora and fauna. But we need not limit our lessons to those in the Bible. Surely the Creator intends instruction in everything he has made.

Look to the tree. He reaches to the sun, craving light and warmth, that he may grow tall and strong. Of all the plants, he is the most magnificent. Let us follow his example, lifting our eyes to the radiance of the Lord and basking in his warmth.

Now consider the mole. He shuns the light of day. He lives in the dirt, laying low, burrowing in damp and dark places. His ugly little nose and hunchback waddle are no accident of evolution, they are a caricature of those who love darkness.

There are many more I could list, but far better to discover them for yourself. Whether you are down and doubting, or soaring, ask Father what you are looking like to him today. If the picture is not so grand, relax and laugh with him about it. If its a more glorious image, pause for a moment in awe, and thank him for the life he has given you.

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